Campfire Stories: The Lost Gold Mine

Mar 28, 2017


Legendary Campfire Tales

We don't know about you, but when we were kids- one of our most favorite things to enjoy was a tall tale shared around a campfire. Campfires enhance the emphasis on the emotion of the story all the while nature's critters will chime in with sounds like "hoot hoot", scattering through foliage, scratching, and call noises. Man, there's just nothing like a good old-fashioned campfire story! Elevate your spring trip to the Smokies by staying in a cozy mountain retreat! Heartland Cabin Rentals has just what you need. We have select cabins in Gatlinburg that offer fire pits which will make the perfect backdrop for your campfire stories! All you need now is to grab a bag of marshmallows, a sleeve of graham crackers, some sticks laying around the cabin property, and a few bricks of Hershey's! Tall tales, s'mores and a campfire in spring at a Gatlinburg cabin is one of the best ways to experience the Smokies.

How do they say...

Legend Has It
Sometime back in the days of the Civil War- A sleepy mountain area in the Smoky Mountains sets the scene for our story. The area of Greenbrier was once home to a bustling community that was filled with the surviving bloodline of the region's first settlers. Their ancestry dates back far to the mid-1700s presenting very deep roots.

There's Gold In Them There Hills
Legend has it there is a man by the name of Perry Shults who was known for being a talented blacksmith. Word got around that Perry struck gold in the hills of the Smokies. Claiming himself with sole ownership, Perry was quick to get the OK from the state of Tennessee and soon began digging upwards and all around the Pinnacle of Greenbrier and surrounding mountainous areas. Though Shults only ever found a small gold streak, he always remained to be that of a jingling fellow with a bounty of silver lining his pockets. Folklore says that his mine was the length of the Smokies, stretching all the way to North Carolina.

Picking In the Land Of Mighty Fine Minerals
Did we mention that Shults was a talented blacksmith? Blacksmithing is a hard job that requires precision and attention to detail. Blacksmiths have a lot of materials just hanging around. And with mining and blacksmithing under his belt, he quickly added counterfeiter to his list of many talents and hobbies. Legend says that a buddy of Perry's got his hands on some Treasury plates prior to the gold strike later allowing Perry to create some impressive lookalikes. US Treasury department wasn't fooled a bit causing Perry to ditch his stolen press gear. People claim Shults fled out of the Smokies and traveled west to flee the federal agents who were searching for him.

So Long, Shults
Time passed and so did Perry. As did the directions and location of Perry's secret gold mine. Sometime in the 60s Perry's home was up for grabs and the lucky recipient is said to have found a clay pot filled with bits of gold and silver. No one has ever found the lost gold mine of Perry Shults- though many would claim to have secret maps where X marks the spot.

Go On Your Own Treasure Hunt Across the Smokies!
Bring your suspicions to the Smokies and try your best to unearth the truth. If you are looking for buried treasure, book a cabin in Gatlinburg with Heartland Rentals and sign yourself up for a Geocaching Treasure Hunt. Geocaching Treasure Hunts are ever changing and fun for the whole family. You will be given a list of coordinates where you will be able to hike, bike, walk, and drive to these locations where you will find your hidden treasure.

Booking A Cabin In Gatlinburg With Heartland Cabin Rentals
If you are ready to start planning your upcoming vacation in the Smoky Mountains, Heartland Cabin Rentals has the most affordable luxury cabins in Gatlinburg! During spring in Gatlinburg, you can spend your days enjoying the annual wildflower pilgrimage, exploring cades cove, biking, shopping, fishing, hiking to waterfalls, or finding your very own buried treasure! Our Gatlinburg cabins offer top of the line amenities that are sure to impress even old Perry Shults' desires. Delve into the heart of the Smoky Mountains without ever having to leave your deck. Perhaps you prefer to set out on your own adventure through a good book? There are plenty of cozy nooks to settle into, plenty of places for the sunshine to reach you, and plenty of places to let the cat naps take you.  Request a cabin rental brochure!


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