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How This Cabin Got Its Name

Col Charles Dockery

Col. Charles L. Dockery (1946 - 2011)

You may be thinking that "Buzzard's Roost" is not-so-normal name for a Cabin in Wears Valley - especially a Cabin near Pigeon Forge. Let me share with you the beautiful story behind the name "Buzzard's Roost" as it is steeped in love and patriotism.

I'm the owner of the cabin and it is name for a Marine Corps aviator whose call sign was "buzzard". This Skyhawkparticular Marine was my husband - and the love of my life. He was in the Marine Corps for over 30 years, proudly serving his country and flying the infamous A-4 aircraft - otherwise known as the Skyhawk. As I said, this Marine was the love of my life; but he is in Heaven now with our Mothers. I'd like to shore our love story with you - which will also explain why I named our Wears Valley Cabin "Buzzard's Roost".

I was a federal employee for the Department of the Navy. Early in my career, I was the secretary to the Executive Officer (think Mayor of a small town) of a Naval Air Station (NAS). Also during this time, my husband was in charge of a Marine Squadron that was tenant command at the NAS.

One day, this handsome Marine aviator in a Marine Green flight suit came into my office to see my boss. Ladies...he was downright DASHING! Apparently, he needed to discuss a young Marine in his unit that was not behaving when on base. While waiting in the outer office - with me sitting behind my desk - this handsome Marine said "Lady, I have seen some South Pacific Islands that I would love to show you". He told me later it was love at first sight. And would you believe he did take me to those beautiful South Pacific Islands he wanted to show me!

We married, changed duty stations, and traveled quite a bit.. My Marine retired in my hometown after serving 36 years in the Corps. One day in December several years ago he had a routine CAT scan to check arteries, etc. A suspicious mass was found in his lungs. Tow weeks later, he was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. Our world fell apart. His Oncologist said the cancer was caused by Agent Orange, the exfoliant used in Vietnam to clear the forest int he late 60's and early 70's. He was exposed to the toxin while stationed at DaNang, Vietnam. He started treatment immediately - and died 6 weeks later.

We were together for over 20 beautiful and wonderful years. It's because of my husband that I was able to buy this Wears Valley Cabin - and so is named in honor of him. He deserves much more. Today his resting place is in Arlington National Cemetery in D.C. When my time comes, I'll be buried with him. And as he once said to me.."what a better group of people to spend eternity with" I am so proud.

I hope you enjoy our Wears Valley Cabin and make many wonderful memories.

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