Waze Your Way To Your Gatlinburg Cabin

Apr 10, 2013

By Doug Shanks

Waze is the world's fastest-growing community-based traffic and navigation app. Join other drivers on your way to  Cabin in Gatlinburg. This app will saving everyone time and gas money on their vacation travel.

When I was a kid I remember my father had a CB radio and he would have it on channel 19 to find out about traffic and police radar. Now 30 years later you can find this information out on your smart phone. The Waze app for IPhone and Android is a real-time traffic and road info GPS and its Free.

waze_3.PNGIt works as a GPS with a extra plus. Users are allowed to plot information. If you see a hazards just click on the report menu and this screen will show.

For example if there is heavy traffic. You would click Traffic Jam then another menu wil appear that has selection of Moderate, Heavy, or Standstill. After you select the type then you can share details either text or voice. It will allow you to take a picture of the hazard.

So as you are driving a warning will pop up with the data that the user has entered. It will allow you to thank the user for posting it or will allow you to delete the hazzard if the hazard is gone.

The Hazards you can report are Traffic, Police, Accident, Road Hazards, Camera, Gas Prices. You can also chat with other users. However, remember texting and driving is against the law and could casue you to become a hazard. So I would say let your back seat drive plot real time information as you drive.


The Waze Navagtion screen shows several other Waze users. You can change the mood of your avatar. If you login on facebook it will show friends that are near.

On my way back from Florida I got caught up in a standstill traffic it was stop and go for miles. Then Waze told me to get off at the next exit. This app took me on back roads around the traffic jam and put me back onto the interstate after I had past the traffic issue.

For a free app you cant go wrong with this nice little helper. So after booking your vacation rental make sure you install Waze onto your phone!

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