Top 10 Vacation Home Features – Part II

Oct 31, 2012

Experts on the vacation-rental industry have identified the top 10 features that customers seek when looking for a vacation home. Last week, we covered the bottom five, so this week, we’ll cover the top five. The good news is that at Heartland Rentals, our cabin rentals in Gatlinburg pass the test when it comes to offering what travelers are looking for in their vacation accommodations.

5. The ability to dine in – Eating out can be a budget-breaker, plus eating foods you’re accustomed to and doing so while sitting around a table like a family can also be easier on the digestive tract. Fortunately, most vacation rentals these days come with kitchens decked out with all the necessary appliances as well as cookware, dishes and silverware.

4. Saves money – When you consider all the space and amenities that you get, not to mention the money you’re not spending out at restaurants, vacation rentals often turn out to be less expensive per person than a hotel or motel room.

3. Family-friendly – Let’s be honest. Most hotels don’t offer a complete package of amenities that includes TVs, DVD players, video games, pool and foosball tables, swimming pools, free wireless Internet and all those other perks that make travel easier on the little ones (and sometimes the big ones).

2. Views – Most rental properties in the Smokies were designed with views in mind. Scenic mountain and valley locations as well as cabins with large picture windows and wraparound decks are a wonderful combination for those who appreciate nature’s beauty.

1. Location – Heartland Rentals offers a wide range of cabins and cottages in a variety of different settings. So whether you want mountains or valleys, wide-open or wooded, close to town or in the country, our inventory of overnight cabin rentals aims to please.


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