Tech Free Gatlinburg Vacation

Sep 15, 2015

tech free vacationHow to Enjoy a Tech Free Vacation to the Smokies in One of Our Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals

The center of distraction these days is technology. We see more and more families with their noses buried in their smartphones and tablets instead of being involved with one another. If you are looking to stay at one of the wonderful cabins in Gatlinburg to get away from it all, Heartland Cabin Rentals is here to save the day! We offer Gatlinburg cabin rentals with engaging amenities that can help your family stay better connected with each other instead of finding out what is happening on social media and the world wide web. Our Gatlinburg cabins are relaxing and fun for everyone. We do supply internet access if anyone were to get the urge to update their status, share a family picture in the Smokies, or to stay connected to loved ones back home. But the key is to try to limit your online time to be present with the people and the beauty around you in the Smoky Mountains.

Airplane Mode

Airplane mode may showcase the word "airplane", but it isn't intended to mainly be used in mid-air. Airplane mode allows you to cut off accessibility to the internet, phone calls, and texts with the push of a button. Slide your phone into airplane mode and you will transform your smartphone into a watch, alarm, camera combo! Airplane mode helps with distractions and allows you to be focused on what is happening around you. You can turn it on when you absolutely need it, but why not try to take a social hiatus and relax while giving those eyes and fingers a break from liking, posting, sharing and retweeting.

Get Outdoors

You know what's great about being in the great outdoors? There is beauty everywhere! Forget the selfies and the Snapchats, focus your attention on what's in front of you. If you go hiking, you can keep your phone on you for emergency uses. But, you do have to keep your eyes on the trail to know where you are going and to practice safe hiking etiquette to those hiking around you. You are going to possibly get splashed by a waterfall or go full on gallop while horseback riding. It's counterproductive to try text while trotting or accidentally drop your phone in a flowing cascade.

Schedule Internet Usage

To make everything fair for everyone in your group, schedule an agreed upon time for Internet usage. Having everyone in your group involved with each other at the same time makes for a more pleasant experience. Having a scheduled time to scroll through newsfeeds and upload photos will allow everyone to be "check-out" at the same time, so nobody is feeling ignored or detached.

Where to Stay

Enjoy a tech-free getaway in the Smoky Mountains with Heartland Cabin Rentals. Book your stay online or Call today!


Doug Shanks


By Doug Shanks a Smoky Mountain blogger and writes about things to do in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Wears Valley, and Sevierville, Tennessee. Area interests include hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, shopping, and family fun.

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