Specialty Viewfinders Make New Home in the Smoky Mountains

Dec 21, 2017


Color Blind See Smoky Mountain Fall Colors

Have you heard the amazing news?! Great Smoky Mountains National Park has officially become the new home of a very special type of viewfinder. At Ober Gatlinburg's observatory, guests can take a peek through the lenses of a specially designed colorblind-less viewfinder! You know what they say, Gatlinburg does it best! Come and take a peek for yourself during your next stay with us in the Smokies.

Life Without Color

Color deficiencies happen when someone cannot decipher reds and greens. Now think about nature and how many things are red and how many things are green. Think of all of the different hues that are made up of types of reds and types of greens. That can make for a very gray and dreary day-to-day. Scientifically speaking, there are particular wavelengths that tend to overlap each other and it then makes it difficult for the damaged part of the eye to tell the difference from one color to another.

Sharing Color With The World

Did you know that there are nearly 14 million Americans that suffer from colorblindness? Imagine living in a world with little to no color. Our world is an incredible place to absorb and Great Smoky Mountains National Park is boundless with beauty and color. The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development is hoping to spread this joy to those with colorblindness who have hopes of seeing the world in color. The viewfinder was installed with perfect timing of this year's Autumn Color in the Smokies. You don't have to wait for Fall of 2018 to come and enjoy the viewfinder, spring in the Smoky Mountains is right around the corner and the lush greenery will be vibrantly breathtaking. If getting to Ober Gatlinburg isn't on your to-do list and you still want to share the gift of color with someone in the Smokies, you can always opt for a pair of glasses with colorblind technology. They work almost as well and are, of course, portable and allow you to get up close and personal with color. There are other colorblind-less viewfinders in the great state of Tennessee, you can find it them at Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area near Oneida and at the Westbound Interstate 26 overlook near Erwin. We are looking forward to the spread of color throughout the Smoky Mountains and the joy that follows.

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