Smoky Mountain Quilt Fest

Feb 05, 2014

I am never darning your socks! –To- Quilting is my Passion!

Smoky Mountain Quilt Fest - Wednesday, March 19, 12:00 AM to Saturday, March 22, 12:00 AM - For More Info. Call: 865-429-7350

IMG_6732.JPGI distinctly remember the day I learned to iron & sew, I was 14 yrs old.  I wanted to look good for a school dance; being a typical teenager in the 70’s I asked my mother to iron my shirt. 

Uhhhh not a good call on my part, I soon found myself in the basement facing an iron and a sewing box.  Unbeknownst to me my mother had been ironing and darning not only my father’s clothes, but those of his 6 brothers.  I can still hear her words as if she were just saying them.  “I am not going to allow you grow up not knowing how to sew or Iron your own clothes, you will not be allowed to do this to your wife!  The next words were “I am only going to show you how to do this once.” I guess I touched a nerve.

Twenty years ago my wife and I moved to Sevier county TN. That spring my mother happened to pay us a visit. Being new to the area we set out exploring local events and happened upon the Smoky Mountain Quilt fests.  We looked at the intricate craftsmanship and enjoyed a quiet afternoon being tourists.  Not long after that my mother openly declared that she was going to take up quilting.  I laughed out loud and said “Sure you will” I then told my wife how my mother had taught me to iron & sew and how much my mother disliked anything to do with a needle and thread.

I am happy to report that at some point in my mother’s life she fell in LOVE with quilting.  She and my stepfather are retired now and travel the country in their RV.  In many RV parks my mother has acquired the nick name “little miss sew & sew.”  She received this dubious title for the countless hours where she could be seen quilting in the various activities departments.

I still iron all my clothes and darn all my own socks, each time I do I think fondly of my mother.  Each time I touch one of the many master pieces that she has created, I remember that day in the spring. Who would have guessed as we toured Pigeon Forge that the Smoky Mountain Quilt Fest would truly change our lives.

Every moment in life is special; from all of us here at Heartland Cabin Rentals we hope you take the time to explore our local events… you never know where these events and experience may lead you.

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