Gatlinburg Cabins - Secrets To a Great Vacation

Aug 07, 2014

Shhhh........hunch over your tablet or monitor so no one can see.... I'm going to divulge some secrets about accommodations and burgers in Pigeon Forge, TN!

Do you know the perfect time to visit the Great Smoky Mountains?

  • Secret #1: It's August.

Why: less traffic, fewer people, shorter lines, and discount prices in the waning days of summer.

Do you know the best place to stay on your family vacation?

  • Secret #2: Heartland Cabin Rentals.

Why: because their Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge Cabins offer amenities that fit almost every budget. They have big Gatlinburg Cabins, Quaint Pigeon Forge Cabins, and Cozy Wears Valley Cabins. Big Plus: for each paid night you get FREE tickets to several activities and shows!

Timberwood_Grill_at_the_Island.jpgDo you know where to get a big, fat, juicy, dare I say, LEGENDARY burger?

  • Secret #3: In Sevierville, head for Frank Allen's Market and Grill - down home cooking literally located on the side of the road, inside a gas station no less! In Pigeon Forge head to Timberwood Grill on The Island - a man-cave disguised as a mountain lodge themed restaurant.

Why: Frank's burgers are fat and sassy, perfectly seasoned, and cooked right in front of you before being fixed just the way 8-7-2014_12-48-44_AM.jpgyou like them with fresh ingredients. Timberwood Grill refuses to use patties stamped out by some machine somewhere, frozen, shipped to Pigeon Forge, and then thawed out. Nope – they hand pat each one themselves! And if you read all the way to the end of this article you will learn what secret ingredient they add that makes their burgers a delight to the taste buds! 
Proof: These two burger joints are where the locals choose to eat. Not to mention Frank Allen's has been voted the Best Burgers in Town eight years in a row. Even Dolly Parton has given them a shout out in Southern Living magazine.

So don't let summer end for you yet! Check into the friendly friendly cabins of Heartland Cabin Rentals, and then do your own burger taste test! Tell us which you like best on Facebook!

*Psssst: I have it on good authority from a snitch... ah, I mean anonymous source... that Timberwood Grill's burgers are extra-tasty because they add...... olive oil!

I also have it on good authority that Heartland Cabin Rentals puts their HEART into making sure that you have a great Smoky Mountain Vacation.

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Doug Shanks


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