Gatlinburg Black Bears Safety Tips

Apr 25, 2015

Gatlinburg Black Bears Safety Tips

Most of the visitors who stay in our cabin rentals in Gatlinburg Tennessee say they want to see a black bear in the wild. But have you ever thought about what you would do if you actually did come across a black bear while on a picnic or hike in the Smokies? Bears are wild animals, and there are definitely ways that you should and should not deal with them in a one-on-one encounter. Here are a few safety tips:

1.  Travel throuGatlinburg-black-bear-cubs.jpggh the park with your friends and family.  Groups of five people or more are at the least risk of being approached by a bear.

2.  Never feed bears. This contributes to their dependence on human food, which causes them to encroach in areas they’re not wanted, such as campgrounds and even residential areas. If a bear does wander into your campsite and shows interest in your food, back away and let him or her have at it. The best preventive measures are to take food that doesn’t have a strong smell and keep your food stores in plastic containers, either away from the campsite or suspended by rope from a tree.

3. If you meet up with a bear, keep it at as great a distance as possible. If the bear notices you and changes its behavior or the direction in which it is moving, or if it starts pawing the ground or making loud noises, that means you are too close. Back away slowly—do not run away—from the bear and make lots of noise. Remember that a bear can run, climb and swim faster than you can.

4.  If backing away doesn’t deter the bear, try throwing rocks or sticks at it and making yourself as large as possible by raising your arms in the air and acting aggressively. Don’t play dead. It’s too risky.

For more information about Black Bears in the Great Smoky Mountains Click link to Learn More

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