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Aug 21, 2017


Historic Cades Cove Churches

It's no secret that Cades Cove is one of the most prized areas of Great Smoky Mountains National Park- considering there happens to be so much beauty and history tucked into one valley. The popularity of auto touring, wildlife viewing, hiking, picnicking and exploring historical landmarks continue to rise. Cades Cove is a one stop shop when it comes to experiencing all of the favorite pastimes of the Smoky Mountains. Cades Cove features a one-way paved road called Cades Cove Loop Road. Cades Cove Loop Road takes you on a relaxing journey through age old trees with several historical stops where you can indulge in the lives of the first settlers and the beginning of residential life in the Smokies. Among these historic structures are three remarkable churches: Methodist Church, Primitive Baptist Church, and Missionary Baptist Church.

Historic Methodist Church

The Methodist community of Cades Cove is recorded as early as the 1820s. There aren't many church records to prove the early existence of the Methodist community in the Cove, but they were known to host church gatherings in a simple log structure. The Methodist Church we see today was created in 1902 by Carpenter and Pastor, John D. McCampbell.

The Primitive Baptist Church

In the early 1820s, John and Lucretia Oliver brought the word of the Baptist church to the people of Cades Cove. The Primitive Baptist Church in Cades Cove was established in 1827 for the residents of Cades Cove division to eliminate the need to travel to other areas of the Smokies to hear the word of God. The current structure that we see today was built in 1887.

The Missionary Baptist Church

The Missionary Baptist church was constructed in 1915 after the congregation drastically grew in number following the original church family that held services at their first church home residing on Hyatt Hill. The creation of the Missionary Baptist Church came to be when the Primitive Baptist Church, previously known as the Cades Cove Baptist Church. When a biblical excerpt was interpreted expressing mission work, the original church (Cades Cove Baptist Church) community split into two paths, Missionaries and Baptists, thus creating the Missionary Baptist congregation and the Primitive Baptist congregation.

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