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There was a time when all that visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains wanted to do was catch a glimpse of a real-life black bear. For more than a decade now, thanks to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, the mighty bear has been sharing the spotlight with some unlikely competition—sharks. The aquarium’s collection of sharks and other fascinating ocean creatures has helped make this downtown Gatlinburg attraction most visited attractions in the area.  You will receive a free Ripley Aquarium ticket with each paid night of your reservation!  Read on to see what's in store for you...

Overall, the aquarium is home to hundreds of different species of aquatic life that captivate visitors with their beauty and mystery. The $70 million facility utilizes nearly 1.5 million gallons of water to house thousands of saltwater (and some freshwater) life forms in dozens of tanks and displays. Around every corner is a new discovery; each specimen a marvel of nature that otherwise could only be seen from behind a scuba mask.

Swimming in full view, only an arm’s length away, are beautiful, exotic fish from all the world’s oceans, including butterfly fish and angelfish. You’ll come face to face with a Who’s Who of the deep blue seas, including stingrays, moray eels, jellyfish, piranha, the giant Pacific octopus and the giant Japanese spider crab, the largest crustacean in the world. Meanwhile, the visually captivating and interactive nature of Ripley’s Aquarium makes the entire self-guided tour a delight. Background music and informative video presentations enhance the displays.

The aquarium’s centerpiece is Shark Lagoon, where some of the ocean’s most wondrous species swim together in nearly a million gallons of water. Black tips, nurse sharks and bonnethead sharks are just some of the varieties that make their home in Ripley’s waters. While visitors can easily look down into Shark Lagoon, the best way to see it is from underneath, courtesy of the world’s longest underwater aquarium tunnel. Guests are transported through the lagoon along a 340-foot moving walkway, completely but safely surrounded by dozens of sharks as they swim by, seemingly close enough to touch.

Ripley's Amusements continually adds new things to do and see to the aquarium each year.  They've recently added the Penguin Playhouse and offer time-limited special events and displays each summer.

In addition to the tour, guests can explore the aquarium’s Cargo Hold gift shop and enjoy a bite to eat at the Feeding Frenzy snack bar. The aquarium is available for a variety of group meetings and youth programs, such as “Sleep With The Sharks,” where young guests get to camp out overnight in the underwater tunnel in Shark Lagoon.

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