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5 Shows to See While Visiting Gatlinburg

Dixie StampedeIf you are looking for outstanding fun in the Smoky Mountains, you've come to the right place! The Smoky Mountains offer a wide variety of family friendly shows in addition to all the wonderful fun things to do in Gatlinburg. You can enjoy anything from slapstick comedy to psychological mind bending shows, to magic shows that make your curiosity get the best of you, and even dinner shows to light you up while you eat Southern selections. Book your upcoming stay at a Gatlinburg cabin Rental with Heartland Cabin Rentals and get your fill on family fun in the Smokies! Here is a list of five shows we think you'll love.

Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre

Head on over to the box office of Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre! Sweet Fanny Adams is Gatlinburg's only musical comedy entertainment attraction. The cast of Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre are purveyors of professional and original, live on stage shows that capture the humor of the Smoky Mountains. The themes of the shows are created based off of the old music halls from the 1890s. The Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre was given the status as a National Historical Treasure by the city of Gatlinburg and is recognized by the 112th Tennessee State Senate. Loosen up at Sweet Fanny Adams and prepare for lots of side-splitting laughs and musical fare.

Comedy Hypnosis with Guy Michaels

Guy Michael is a board certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist that will tap into your imagination and take you on a journey you never thought possible. He brings your imagination to life! Come and be the star of the show with Guy Michaels and have an exciting evening in downtown Gatlinburg with the entire family. This show is fun for all ages and allows children 12 or older to participate in the onstage fun.

A Brit of Magic

A Brit Of Magic is a chipper balance of comedy and magic. This isn't your average magic show! You will be hanging from the edge of your seat throughout the entire show waiting for what's to come. A Brit of Magic is an interactive show that combines jaw-dropping magic tricks with a hilarious comedic outline and amazing stunts.

Head Case Featuring the Mentalist

Head Case Psychological Illusion is a unique stage act involving a heightened level of participation from the seated audience. By incorporating the members in the audience both on stage and from the seats in the audience, The Mentalist creates an exciting on edge experience that will be a highlight on your trip to the Smokies! During the show, The Mentalist will seem as if they are driving through directly from the back of your mind and will then predict your thoughts before you even have the chance to utter a word!

Dixie Stampede

Head on out to the Dixie Stampede for some foot stompin' and finger lickin' fun! This dinner and show is Dolly Parton's premier dinner attraction located in Pigeon Forge. Here you can experience, and exciting live performance paired with Southern favorites in an indoor arena. You'll watch cast members soar by suspension, do flips on horseback, and sing and dance for you while you dig in on a whole chicken and sip sweet tea. Add to your Smoky Mountain experience and enjoy one of these five outstanding shows when you stay in a Gatlinburg Rental Cabin with Heartland Cabin Rentals.